Hi, Welcome to an area that truly lights my world up… Neurofeedback. I became involved in Neurofeedback in 1997, as our local hospital St. Mary’s Wege Center was implementing Holistic Care. We were looking to expand community services utilizing complimentary therapies that hold a significant place as healing applications. I had been ‘raised a healthy skeptic’ via my educational and medical experience, yet as I attended trainings through Zengar and dug into available research, my hope in idealism and spiritual healing embraced the possibility that Neurofeedback isn’t too good to be true. I ran an informal study to determine whether Neurofeedback could be an asset to what the holistic medicine center already offered. The outcomes within that first 4 months made my heart soar and my pretentious skepticism drop.

As I‘ve become more involved with Neurofeedback, I have been completely enamored with what I witness occurring as client’s transformations and growth unfold before me. I have been involved in behavioral sciences since 1991, offering services in guided imagery, pain management, Biofeedback, self-hypnosis, cognitive and behavioral strategies. Prior to adding Neurofeedback, I had not seen the amount of progress across clientele as Neurofeedback brings forward. The years that have passed since I began this journey have been filled with treasures; ample stories of healing, discoveries of inner strength and personal transformations!

I am a Master’s level licensed therapist (L.L.P.) and have practiced and provided a variety of psychological services over the years. As I continue to maintain and utilize my skills as a therapist, I have found with Neurofeedback the client attends and is capable of profound healing simply through the EEG feedback process. I am thrilled by the outcomes we’ve achieved with Attention Deficit, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar, Sleep difficulties, Pain and Headache management, Epilepsy, and advancements in Memory and Cognitive gains. We have been enjoying our expansion into Peak Performance, working with many levels of academic and professional growth that has proven an equally exciting expanding area!

Thank you for joining us at our website and exploring YOUR potential!

Molly Raaymakers, MA, LLP

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