Carol is a Limited Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor with two decades of working with individuals in clinics and hospitals. Her goal is to help individuals improve their physical and emotional well-being by gaining insight and making positive changes to the psychological, physical, relational, spiritual and behavioral aspects of their lives. She specializes in behavioral health and uses a variety of mind-body modalities including bio and neurofeeback. She has extensive training and experience working with individuals with pain, trauma, eating disorders and weight issues. "my goal in counseling is to help you move toward healthy change, greater self awareness, increased ability to cope, and a sense of well-being by:

  • Discovering the dysfunctional beliefs and patterns you've been living by and developing new ways of thinking about yourself, others, and the world around you
  • Moving toward healing the wounds that may have set those beliefs in motion
  • Realizing your core needs and longings and how you work to get them met.

  • Healing takes time and is work, but in the long-run it is worth the effort as a sense of peace and freedom set in allowing you to be your true self. Neurofeedback assists the process of emotional healing by increasing your emotional and physical stability and bringing important issues to the surface. It will improve your ability to cope with stress and reduce depression and anxiety in the process."

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